Do you sell registration numbers or personalised number plates?

We do not sell registration numbers. We only manufacturer number plates, we do not offer cherished or personalised number plates. You must own or have entitlement to the registration number for which you are having plates made up.


Ordering online

**Important** You cannot simply make up a registration number and use it on the UK highway. Either yourself or the person you’re buying for must already own the registration number you will use. We do NOT sell registration numbers; we simply make replacement number plates for registration numbers you already own.

When you enter your registration number on our builder it will appear exactly as you type it so we advise you to carefully check the spacing as we can offer no refunds or reprints due to typing/design errors on your behalf, a warning pop up automatically appears if you don’t add a space to your registration and you have to click / tick the accept box to progress beyond this point.

There are two choices of layouts on the drop-down menus,

Legal Layout = Includes all relevant markings

Full Control = No design restrictions

Our print process is on demand so when you purchase the design and pay, your order will automatically print off in our production area and be sent for assembly, at no point do the production team know how you have requested the spacing of your plate and will not check against the original order, they also have no access to alter or change your registration etc, so we are in no way responsible for the spacing you typed in. Please carefully type your correct registration and correct spacing.

Once you have completed the purchase of your order you will receive two emails,

  1. From PayPal with your payment receipt and order number
  2. A confirmation email from us showing your delivery address and order

Please check junk folders, we email the email address on your PayPal account



Step 1 – Remove old number plates and clean surfaces:

Sticky pads are very strong when applied to a clean and dry surface. Remove the old number plates from your vehicle and use a surface cleaner to remove any residue, dirt or used sticky pads from your bumper. Ensure that the bumper is clean and dry when fitting your new number plates, especially when using sticky pads.

Step 3 – Fit Using Sticky Pads

Using 4-6 sticky pads even spaced across the back of the new number plate, remove the protective backing of the pads. Ensure that you are placing the number plate central to the bumper, then apply pressure across the plate. Once stuck, test the strength by pulling on the plate, if the surface was clean and dry, you shouldn’t be able to move it.

Step 4 – Fit Using Screws

Using your old plates as a guide, place on top of new number plate and use as a guide to drill the correct placement of screw holes.

**IMPORTANT** Always drill through the face (front) of the new plates, drilling from the back will cause the printed film to lift. Once the holes have been drilled, line up to the screw through the new number plate and into the hole in the bumper. Screw until tight and secure.


We only take payment via PayPal at this time, it is the most secure payment portal and very reliable and safe.
You can checkout as guest on PayPal without having an account and this will allow you to use your credit/debit card.

Please contact us if you need any help in payment.


You can space your registration exactly as you would like and it will be made as you see online, but to be UK road compliant you will only need to add one space in the registration and in the correct location. We leave the choice up to you as you know your Registration Number better than us!

Simply choose Legal Layout on the builder to include automatic spacing and all the relevant markings on your plates.


Do you ship worldwide?

No, not at this time.


Can I collect my number plates?

I am afraid we do not offer a collection service.

My delivery is late – What should I do?

We aim to dispatch all orders the same day (Only on weekdays) In rare instances there can be a delay from Royal Mail which is out of our control, please contact us straight away and we will provide you with tracking details.

In very rare instances the postage ship or aeroplane from here in Jersey can be delayed by bad weather on the crossing, once again this is out of our control, no refunds will be given for orders dispatched by us on time but delayed in the postal system.


Do you charge VAT?

Yes, VAT is included in the price you see online, the prices you see are including VAT.


Do you pre drill number plates before sending?

No, we do not offer a drilling service as the screw holes on your existing plates range from vehicle to vehicle.


How many fixing kits will I need to fit my number plates?

The simple rule is one kit per number plate. One kit contains 6 sticky pads which is sufficient to fix one plate to your vehicle. One kit contains 4 screws and 2 of each cap which is sufficient to fit 1-2 number plates, depending on how many screws you require. Most number plates are fixed with 2 screws but some are fixed with 4.


Are your plates British Standard compliant?

All of the materials we use meet the British Standard BSAU145e and are fully reflective.


What is the difference between Legal Layout plates and Show Plates?

All materials used are the same.

Legal Layout plates include all the relevant legal markings including Manufacturer’s name and postcode and British standard number on the bottom-line print, and they will be spaced exactly as your V5 or V750 certificate shows and in line with DVLA and police requirements.

Show plates do not include these details and are for ’show’ use only but allow for a more design-oriented look and layout i.e., different non legal spacing, and are used on UK roads at your own risk.


What are the Legally required details on the slogan?

The legal details are a legal requirement for all number plates in the UK, and display the makers name, postcode and the British Standard. For this reason the legal details are a default option on LEGAL STYLE, but you can deselect the Legal Details and nothing will be printed to your number plates if so required by choosing SHOW PLATE, This also gives you the option to add your own slogan onto the SHOW PLATES, As always Show Plates are used at your own risk on UK roads, The legal details are printed in small text at the bottom & right hand corner in the smallest black font size available.


Spacing of registration number?

For the correct format you should only add one space to your registration. The space should be in the correct location, please refer you your V5 log book and existing number plates, When you choose LEGAL STYLE the builder will automatically space your registration in the correct Legal format, If you are still unsure please contact us for more information.

If you choose SHOW PLATE you are free to space your registration how you wish, But SHOW PLATES do NOT include BS number and Legal details.


How do I cancel an order?

As we print orders as soon as they’re placed, in some cases it may not be possible to issue a refund as the number plates have already been made. If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible (within the hour). In the event that the new number plates have not been created we will issue a refund.